We pride ourselves on producing natural, organic products which aid in the soothing and restoration of damaged skin and hair. Our range is one which has been researched and tested to develop a natural alternative to using chemicals and toxins found in most skincare products.


All of the Roseacre Soaps products are made to the same basic formulation of the original soaps and only essential oils are added to provide a fragrance for those of you who prefer scents. The high percentage of goat’s milk in all our time cured and handmade products helps moisturise your skin whilst providing many anti-ageing properties.


Originating in the rural Irish countryside, Roseacre Soaps was initially just a pastime of the owner Jill Rose who wanted to try something different with the excess of goats milk from her small herd on the farm. After much trial and error and significant research into the benefits of naturally sourced oils, Jill formulated a soap that she found to be soothing and moisturising to her dry sensitive skin.


Using the creamy properties of fresh goat’s milk and only natural oils, our goat’s milk products are both luxuriously moisturising yet gentle on the skin. Free from artificial chemicals and preservatives, the entire range can be used on even the most sensitive of skins.


Goat’s milk is the key to help those who suffer from skin problems; full of caprylic and lactic acids, it makes the soap naturally moisturising and very gentle on damaged and irritated skin ailments.

Our goats are fed on the tree leaves, ferns and plants that surround their field and hence their milk is full of natural goodness. Over time our range of products has grown following requests from customers but we maintain our commitment to the use of the same basic natural ingredients.